This is my Toybox, my TCG Trading Post. Feel free to browse. I’ve been playing TCGs on an off since 2004 or somewhere around there. Right now I am ACTIVE.


Below are my trading buddies:


If you want to be a buddy feel free to email me gamergeekchic[@]
As a trading buddy I will seek you out first for trades. I will do my best to help gather cards for your collecting deck to trade with you and if your trade comes through at the same time as anothers, I’ll put yours through first.


So when trading with me please try to look at my trading page first for cards you want and my collecting page for cards to give me, however when it comes down to it I’m pretty liberal with my trades. Many times I’ll even trade a Future collection for one of my collecting decks (unless there’s already like 4 or more of those cards, but even then if it’s the card I need feel free to ask).

When I go about composing trades of my own I will start with a persons Collecting then run down their Keeping page from top to bottom to get enough points to total the cards I want. I do try to skim to see if there’s a card someone wants more than the others, but it doesn’t always happen. Feel free to tell me ‘hey, can I have this one instead?’ I normally will have no problem with it.

Also, I pre-upload cards on my site ahead of time (sometimes there is a delay if I miss a deck which is why there are sometimes broken images, sorry >.<) so when doing a trade don’t feel stressed to send me the link or cards if you don’t have it set up to happen automatically, because I don’t need them. 🙂

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